Plain Newborn Baby Mittens


KSh 50.00 KSh 70.00

1. Very comfortable & recyclable
2. Sweetest baby warmth
3. Comes in the most adorable colors
4. Very cute & unisex
5. Provides Anti-scratch on the baby
6. Gives you a long time service
Guarantee customer satisfaction
Machine wash okay


    Give your baby a happy day experience by showing them some love with our Super soft comfy Anti-scratch baby mittens made of smooth quality fabric to give the baby sweet warmth.
    Made of the softest white fleece fabric on the inside to give the softest touch to your baby covered with the sweetest adorable baby warmth for the smoothest beautiful sleep.
    The mittens comes in the most beautiful Assorted 6 colors that includes: white ,yellow, light green, light blue, light pink and peach✓Gives the baby sweet warmth and prevents the baby from scratching him OR herself.
    Made of the cutest bow at the wrist with an elastic coverage to prevent the mitten from falling off the baby’s little hands.
    BONUS prevents the baby from scratching themselves,exposure to germs and gives them a classy adorable baby love warmth.
    Perfect quality is guaranteed.
    SIZE GUIDEGender- (UNISEX) for both baby boy and girl


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